Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

As CRE professionals, our mission is to continue to promote and support advancing the principles and values of an equitable, inclusive, and diverse community. CoreNet Global - New England's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering a sense of belonging by providing educational programs and resources that collectively empower organizations to bring positive impact to people, spaces, and communities.

Please reach out to Blake Reynolds with any ideas or suggestions for this initiative.

What we mean by DEI:

Diversity is the recognition, acceptance, and affirmation of our individual differences, identities, and our inherent dignity. It is more than representation. It acknowledges that the unique perspectives, experiences, and practices we each bring to our [CRE] community and work have value.
Equity requires us to acknowledge the power imbalances and the unequal circumstances we all face. We recognize that each of us must actively work to remove barriers to everyone’s ability to participate and succeed by providing tools, resources, access, and support that are appropriate for each person and each context.
Inclusion is intentional, ongoing work to create a [CRE community] where everyone can participate as
their true selves. The goal of inclusion is to collectively build a global culture of belonging within the
foundation. We are all accountable for creating this together.

Commercial Real Estate Success Training (CREST)

CREST is a local, non-profit organization that provides meaningful summer internships along with personal and professional skills development to highly motivated and talented college students who have been historically underrepresented in our industry. CREST works with partner firms to recruit the right intern for real estate organizations and provides on-going support and skills development training throughout their internship. Learn more about CREST from previous participant, Markos Alemu. In this video he speaks about his experience interning at Liberty Mutual through CREST last summer. 

In 2024, CoreNet Global - New England Chapter is entering its 7th year partnering with CREST and is a Champion partner of CREST - this allows our association to mentor, educate, and support CREST. To learn more about the partnership and how to get involved, visit the CREST page on our website. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Policy

  • We will annually compile statistics as to women and people of color serving on its board and will publish those statistics with its membership and the Great Boston CRE/DEI Collaborative, and (b) will work with its board to establish measurable goals for the following year to increase diversity, promote cultures of belonging, and encourage practices of inclusion. 
  • We commit to annual professional coaching and development for board members and staff that includes DEI-related topics (whether developed by such organization or developed by other organizations). Each organization will also include programming for the broader membership and sponsor companies around DEI, similar to the 2019 and 2020 CRE Summits on Equity, Inclusion & Diversity. 
  • Board members, as part of their leadership commitment, will also commit to advocate for their firms to participate in the current and future DEI pipeline programs for young adults in commercial real estate. Examples of such programs of this date include but are not limited to: CREST, REEX Summer Program, and Mayor's/City of Boston Summer Real Estate Jobs Program.
  • We actively promote the value of diversity, equity and inclusion in our staff and board. This includes identifying a pipeline of diverse board candidates and actively recruiting those members. 
  • We will maximize opportunities for each individual to contribute to the organization's goals by actively ensuring a fully diverse body of staff and volunteer participants in appointments to task forces, special projects, decision-making activities, and leadership roles. This includes ensuring that speakers, panelists or other program leaders are diverse. 
  • We will seek for the best and brightest to participate in our programs with a regard for diversity of gender, race, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, veteran status, disability, religion and age. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Leadership 

Blake Reynolds

Aby Bhat


Taran Grigsby
Fidelity Investments

Board Liaison



Charisse Smith
Dyer Brown

Financial Liaison



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Members