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New England Chapter

President's Message


 Dear CoreNet Global New England Members,
On behalf of CoreNet Global New England, welcome back from an epically warm and hopefully exciting summer. Although we gather infrequently as an organization over the summer, our talented and dedicated CoreNet Global New England committees have been meeting all summer to plan our stellar fall programs

I hope you feel the excitement in the air! As I write this letter, our Red Sox are enjoying a 5-game lead in the American League East, our Patriots have won their first three games without Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, and CoreNet Global New England is launching its tremendous fall lineup of programs, seminars and educational initiatives.

  • On September 20th, CoreNet Global New England commenced its Leadership 2.0 class: 15 seasoned and accomplished CoreNet Global New England members will be part of this inaugural program. 
  • On October 16th through 19th, more than 110 members of CoreNet Global New England will attend the Global Summit in Philadelphia. If you have not had a chance to register, it is not too late to do so. Please stay tuned for a supplemental newsletter which we will publish in advance of the Global Summit as over a dozen of our talented members will be presenting at the Summit, and several of our members will receive recognition.
  •  This month, CoreNet Global New England collaborated for the first time with the CoreNet Paris and New York Chapters and presented a cutting-edge educational event on Global Transaction Management in Today’s World. Our panel shared their experience in the global markets and advised how best to navigate cultural differences.

Our second class from our Young Leadership Program will graduate on November 1st at our Annual Awards of Excellence Dinner. As their final project, they will host an educational program on October 26, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. called “Creating a Talent Magnet: The Urban vs. Suburban Campus”. Please come support our Young Leaders as they present their final project.

Please mark your calendars and join us for what will be an exciting fall season! We encourage you to call on your CoreNet Global New England Board of Directors and let us help you maximize your membership and get more engaged in the Chapter. We look forward to seeing you at our many events and at the Global Summit in Philadelphia.


President, CoreNet Global New England Board of Directors